Day 18: Day two, split two

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About the time we were unloading the four-wheelers off the trailer this morning before daylight, the rain quit and the wind stopped. When the sun came up, it was still, cloudy and gray. If you drew a picture of conditions you did NOT want for a duck hunt, that would be it.  As expected, we saw a lot of ducks, but they would even look at the decoys. They just flew right on by. As I said before, I don’t remember this many days at daylight during the duck season when we had absolutely no wind.

We did manage to get nine ducks and two specks. I think we could have scratched out a limit if conditions could have been better, but they weren’t. It was pretty much the same thing I heard from everybody. We do have a lot more ducks than we had a week ago, but getting them to work is tough. There are a lot of teal and a good number of mallards.

We certainly need the rain and I’m hoping it brings us more ducks. It is cold enough, but the ducks just don’t have anywhere to go where they don’t get shot at around here.

The next 3-4 days will be warmer, but we do have some different weather coming after that the next 10 days. Here’s a look at the extended forecast.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 7.36.09 PM