Day 18: It’s getting better

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Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 6.04.12 PMThere were a lot of teal flying early and we didn’t get a limit, but we ended up with 14 teal and two specks. We could have had more, but we decided to leave about 7:30 and just as we unloaded our guns and started out of the blind, about 20 swooshed right in and landed in the decoys. That’s the way it goes sometime.

We did see a lot of high flying ducks — pintails and gadwalls. It was hard to tell if they were going to hang out around this area or not. They were too high for us to work, but at least some ducks are flying. We did talk to some folks that hunted the other blind where we were. They stayed until abut 10:30 and killed 24. That’s about as good a haul as we’ve seen this season.

I think the ducks are starting to come in and hang around a bit. We still have so much water that they have plenty of options. Keep your gear in order and if you need to send Santa to see us for you, we are waiting for him to get you everything you need for your duck hunting.

And remember these two words — be safe. Don’t take chances. No duck is worth getting somebody hurt over.