Day 18: Not as many ducks

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We did okay today, but there was no wind and we didn’t see nearly as many ducks as we did yesterday. There wasn’t any wind early and the ducks didn’t really work good. They would come in and take a look, but those decoys just sitting there didn’t look appealing to them. One here and there would come in so we had some pretty good luck. We killed 24 and had eight mallardsIMG_0380 and eight pintails.

Some of the areas that were really doing good like McGowan and Mer Rouge have slowed down according to what we are hearing. But then up in some areas of Arkansas like McGee to Eudora and around Wilmont are doing good. Felsenthal is good. We hear bad reports out of Stuttgart, but then up the way a bit at the Cache River, it’s been great.

There really hasn’t been much weather to move new ducks into the area, so that’s probably what’s happening. There will be a little weather change this week, so maybe that will help.