Day 19: Awesome

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screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-9-06-09-pmWe had an excellent morning. It was cold. The north wind was howling. We had lots of ducks. And the specks were coming out of the south like crazy. The only problem was we just had three hunters! We killed a limit of big ducks – mallards and pintails mostly – and six specks by 7:15 a.m. The ducks were working as good as I’ve ever seen. The mallards would hear the call, lock up and sail right in on us. So would the specks.

Let me put it like this. This is the kind of day that we will remember the rest of the season. And I’m hoping this is only the beginning. With the cold up north and the water we’ve got, hopefully we can be able to keep in ducks for the rest of the season.

Monday morning may be a tough one, though. We don’t have very deep water and it will probably be frozen solid in the morning. People that have deep ponds or hunt sloughs and other deep water should have some fantastic hunting.

Stay tuned!