Day 19: Monday hunting success was minimal

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Well, we will know tomorrow whether that cold front blew our ducks away or brought some more in. I’m hopeful that more came our way. We sure got hit hard in the state and region and our prayers go out to those affected by the weather across the South.

As for the hunting Monday morning, it was minimal. There were a few folks that killed some ducks early. It was pretty still and not much action before that front got here. We haven’t gotten many reports from today. A lot of folks didn’t go because they knew what was coming. All this fresh water probably scattered the ducks some, too. But everything is right for a good week or ten days. We’ll just have to see if the ducks think so.

Take some time to examine your blind and make sure it doesn’t need any patch work after this weather. You may need to adjust your decoy spread as well. If you get a chance, go check on things before you go hunting again instead of waiting until something is showing to scare off your ducks.

Be safe out there.