Day 19: Pretty sad

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I wish I could sugar coat it, but it is what it is. Duck hunting isn’t very good right now. This morning it was foggy and there was no wind. There aren’t that many ducks and the ones that are here aren’t moving in those conditions. I got a report from one blind in a pretty good spot. They got two teal and a snow goose. We had a busy day at the store, so I didn’t go Monday and I’m glad I didn’t.

This upcoming rain will help. We need some layup water for the ducks so they don’t get shot at everywhere they go. I firmly believe the ducks are sitting up in places like the Mississippi River and some of these big lakes in the area, then flying in and feeding at night. I heard that Poverty Point was full of ducks.  There are loads of ducks in SE Louisiana, but neither one of those is going to help us.

And here’s the thing. There is no telling how much a 10 mile per hour wind and a sunny morning would change things, even with limited ducks. It would be a totally different situation. But we haven’t had that, either.

Stay tuned. We’ll keep you updated on what we know. Remind your friends to check the Duck Report and when you are in the store, let us know how you are doing. Be safe.