Day 19: Teal providing most of the action

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Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 6.03.52 PMMan, it was foggy this morning, but we still had a pretty good day. We had a lot of teal early and we got 18, which is a whole lot better than it has been.  We heard a lot of folks that had plenty of teal. That’s making it worth going. There’s no telling how many ducks were flying because they had to be pretty close to see them.

Some groups that are having 5-6 hunters are staying later in the morning and seeing more teal and some big ducks. The fog lifted a bit later. But it is not very fast shooting after that first flight. We don’t have the luxury of staying long this time of year because it’s full steam ahead at the store this week. I’m certainly not going to complain about that! It’s kind of strange hunting this year because there is so much water. Some blinds may kill four and another one may kill 24. I guess that’s why it’s called hunting.

I’m encouraged that it is going to pick up and get a little more consistent. Teal are usually the first birds to come in, so that is about normal. Huge groups of big ducks aren’t headed our way yet, but they will be. This rain coming in will bring some wind with it later in the week and they might help.