Day 19: Things have been better

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We’ve got a few ducks in the area and a few are still being killed, but things could certainly be a lot better. It certainly isn’t what we hoped for at the end of December.

Most hunters are reporting poor results with a few getting some action. There are some big ducks in the area, but they are scattered. We still are seeing very few teal. That’s very unusual. I love windy, sunny days for the best results where we hunt. As you can see from the weather forecast below, we won’t be seeing too much of that. At least it’s going to get colder again next week. Hopefully that will bring more ducks. And then we will have a little bit more to report!

I’m glad we have a 60-day season because we are going to need the second half to make up for the first half for sure.
Be safe out there. This doesn’t look good, but you never know what might bring some ducks in. Here’s the week’s weather report.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 4.36.20 PM