Day 2: Good hunt today, too

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Day 2 of the duck season was a good one. It was a beautiful morning with a little wind and a bright, clear sky. The sunrise was amazing, and so was the duck hunting. It was a dang good hunt. Four of us had 24 ducks by 8 a.m. and headed back to the house. It was a good mix and we had seven greenheads along with pintails, gadwalls and two teal. Twenty-two big ducks this early in the season is a good thing.

I talked to a lot of folks today that came in the store and they were all having good mornings. Folks up at Wilmot did good and so did the people at Jones and Mer Rouge. A lot of teal up that way. McGowan hunters are having good success on big ducks and a lot of mallards for this early.

I didn’t see any flight ducks Sunday, but there are plenty of ducks. Maybe with all this cold weather in different places, we’ll get a flight on. It was a cold morning here today, plenty cool enough for me!

Stay safe.