Day 2: Plenty of shooting

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IMAG0869Our bunch this morning shot a bunch of gadwalls and pintails and a few widgeons and everybody is killing specklebellies. The ducks we saw yesterday were almost all teal, but today the variety was different.

That’s a good sign. I think a few more ducks are getting here every day, even with the weather being a little warmer than most would like. I’ve killed about as many ducks in warmer weather as cold, especially if we get a little wind and bright sunny days.

We are hearing about lots of limits of specks. They  are all over the place and proving plenty of good shooting. I don’t think the large number of geese hurts the duck hunting because the geese will stir up a lot of the grain off the bottom and ducks will go in the same places. The dad blamed snow geese will come in thick and eat up all the food if you let them just hang around, but we keep them run off as best we can. We call them sky carp.

It should be a good week. We’ll see. Another couple of big flights of ducks and we should be in business for sure. Be safe out there.