Day 2: Still hit or miss

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Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 5.41.06 PMMan, what a difference a day makes. It was 70 degrees on opening day Saturday and 40 degrees on Day 2. Monday, it will be even colder as this front pushes on through. We did okay Sunday, but we did not see as many ducks, especially big groups of ducks. There are as many geese in most places as there are ducks.

We had a good day, though. Three of us killed 13 in our blind, including nine mallards. We had a group of hunters who had a bunch of ducks and geese when the morning was over. We headed back in about 8:45 from our blind, so I know if we would have stayed a bit longer, we would have limited. A lot of the folks I talked to did better later in the morning, especially on the mallards.

Day Two was similar to opening day in that some had great days and others didn’t do much. It was still hit or miss, except it seems like the ducks just picked different spots the second day. One group of seven hunters that had 42 on opening day had nine on Sunday. That’s why they call it hunting.

There just aren’t a ton of ducks. I know that there are good numbers up in Arkansas, especially in the McGee area. This colder weather and the pressure of the season opening up there may bring them on our way. We shall see.

Be safe out there.