Day 20: Ducks in a fog

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It was so foggy Tuesday morning there could have been a full grown elephant standing 40 yards out in the decoys and you wouldn’t have been able to see him. It was so thick I don’t even think the ducks flew much today. They just stayed put unless something got them stirred up.

We heard some ducks flying overhead, but couldn’t see them or get them down in the decoys. It was pretty much the same with everybody I talked to. We are having some some crazy weather. It’s supposed to be foggy again Wednesday and may be near 80 degrees on Christmas.

This morning, we stayed a while thinking we could get some good shooting on the geese, but we couldn’t see them either. The fog didn’t lift until way up in the morning and it was slow too. We ended up with a half dozen ducks and that was it.

We needed to get back to the store anyway. It’s a super busy time for us, and we are grateful for that. Come see us if you need anything for Christmas or the hunting season. Thanks for counting on us to provide your outdoor equipment and gear!

I look forward to after the holidays where we can get in some serious duck hunting. I hope the birds are going to do their part, too.

Be safe.