Day 20: Lost in a fog

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Duck hunters wait all year for duck season, but we can do without too many days like Monday. There aren’t many ducks out there and apparently most of them were lost in the fog. It was a still morning again, and by the time the mist had faded away, lots of hunters had given up and gone home.

We didn’t hear many reports of success around here and that isn’t surprising. It’s going to be another couple of warm days and rain toward the end of this week, but things should pick up by the end of the weekend and next week. I did talk to a couple of buddies up at McGehee, Arkansas and they hammered them  this morning. They killed a load of ducks and several mallards. They had 24 by 8 o’clock and had 12 mallards. Heck, that’s just an hour north of here so it makes me wonder. Everybody around here had two or three, maybe five…

The cold weather coming in will have to bring a a little wind with it. The freeze up north will have to send us some more ducks. And the extra water we are finally getting will give the ducks a place to go. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. We can only hope.  Note: You know things are slow when we show weather maps instead of duck pictures.

Be safe out there. Things are going to get better. And the wait will be worth it.

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