Day 20: Pea soup

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It was another one of those days when we needed a fog horn instead of a duck call. It wasn’t just a little foggy. It was pea soup foggy. We literally could not see the closest decoys for about 20 minutes after legal shooting hours started.

We got a few teal later, but it was slow. You could hear them, but they almost had to land in the decoys to see them. Those that stayed later killed a few, but it was a tough morning. In fact, I don’t think a lot of the ducks even flew. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it that way. We had a hard time even seeing to drive out there. We had to go in early, as usual this time of year.

We’ll try again in the morning and hope that fog is gone and we have a little wind. A third of the season is in the books, and frankly, it’s not making for very good reading. We’ve still got time to add some good chapters, though. Stay turned…and be safe.