Day 20: Tuesday

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Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 8.46.56 AMWe are one third of the way through the season and it’s already been better than last year. This was a good morning. For us, it was mostly teal. We had a limit by 7:15 and that’s what I need this time of year with the Christmas rush at the store.

I talked to some buddies of mine that went to the flooded timber and they got five limits in less than an hour shooting mostly gadwalls and mallards. That’s what I like to hear. It was just what you wanted as far as a duck hunting day. Plenty of wind, cold and lots of ducks flying.

Stay safe out there. And bundle up. It’s cold early in the morning. We’ve got a great selection of Avery hunting gear and Drake waders. Come by the store and check them out.

It seems like pretty much everybody is killing some ducks, even at some of the spots that aren’t ordinarily top blinds. Some folks are having to stay until 10:30 or 11 to get a limit, but at least there are ducks. The good news is that it’s cold up north of here, too, and we should be getting another push of ducks to go with what we already have.