Day 21: Sad faces

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screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-8-47-13-amI figured out water was still frozen over at our spots, so I stayed and worked today. It’s super busy and I hate to leave the store for too long. Some of the guys were more optimistic and went anyway. When they came back in with sad faces, it made me feel a little better. We were still pretty much frozen up.

The good news is that the temperatures on up in the day thawed it out. The bad news is that most of the big ducks went south as the weather hit here and they rode it out of here. It will take them a few days to come back. Hopefully the south wind we have forecast for Thursday and Friday will do the trick.

A few folks that have deeper water and big lakes also didn’t have much luck, so it wasn’t just the frozen water. It lets me know that the big numbers of ducks that were here left in large measure. Again, the good news is they’ll be coming back. And cold weather up north of us should send more down from that way.

Be safe out there. We’ve got lots of duck season ahead.