Day 23: A few more good reports

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screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-11-10-20-amI heard quite a few good reports today about ducks flying. People saw more ducks and some big ducks for a change. It’s still spotty, but some folks that haven’t been killing got into them Friday. The numbers are picking up and people are seeing some big numbers of ducks pile into the sanctuary areas like up on Overflow. Saturday morning it’s supposed to be clear and winds from 10-20 and that might just be the ticket.

Friday it was still and cloudy at daybreak. Those that did good stayed up into the morning for the most part. Teal continue to be the dominant species around these parts. These are usually the “early birds” every season so I’m hoping that means more ducks are on the way — lots of gadwalls, mallards and pintails.

That wind storm that came through Thursday night may have moved some more ducks in here. I hope so.  If you haven’t been for a few days, you might want to check on your blind and your setup with all this weather we’ve been having. You don’t want to plan a big hunt and show up to a half-brushed blind.

We’ve been swamped at work and I am glad of that, but I’m looking forward to some longer hunts and more ducks. I didn’t get to go Friday. I’m ready for the holidays. How about you?

Be safe out there.