Day 22: About the same

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There are still a few ducks in the area and lots of geese, but they are hard to work and get in. Things were a little bit better today for some hunters. It was foggy again Thursday morning and that didn’t help. We’ve been so busy at the store I haven’t been able to get out as long or as much as I like, but we are hoping for a good hunt Christmas morning. There should be a lot of hunters out after Christmas and maybe that will keep the ducks that we have moving. I hope so. Stay tuned.

There’s no need to rehash previous reports — let’s just hope for better results next week when the temperatures cool off a bit. We need some ducks to come our way.

We are closed on Christmas Day and we will reopen Saturday.


Merry Christmas to you and yours from the Simmons Family

and our staff at Simmons’ Sporting Goods.