Day 23: Ducks win again

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The last few days, the guys with the guns aren’t winning for the most part. It’s the ducks that are winning.  It’s just been tough pretty much all over Louisiana. Hunter and Mike went this morning and among four hunters, they had 11 ducks. Some of them stayed until almost noon, but didn’t have any luck. There weren’t a lot of ducks flying or a lot of folks shooting.

They are still killing some ducks in south Arkansas, but it’s spotty. Some are doing good and some aren’t. It isn’t like the first week when everybody was hammering them.

I thought a big rain might help, but we didn’t get near the rain that they had been predicting. A little will help, but we could have used more. I looks like the weather will be mild the next week, too, so that won’t bring a lot more ducks unless the colder weather up north sends some more flight ducks. We’ll just have to wait and see. That’s why they call it “hunting”.

We’ve been super busy at the store and getting our customers what they need is my top priority. But come the Christmas holidays, I’m getting back after them.

Be safe out there.