Day 22: This is why we duck hunt

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Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 3.59.52 PMDuck hunting can be great. Or it can be lousy. There’s so much that goes into everything coming together than we just don’t know when it will be good or bad. But this year it has been good so far. In fact, as I’ve said, it’s been better already than last season all together. Here are a couple of pictures that show why we duck hunt. Lots of limits for duck hunters this year so far in the fields and in the woods. When five or six hunters go together and get their limit, you know that’s what it’s about.

We had a good hunt this morning. Three of us had a limit of gadwall and teal by 8 a.m. There were tons of ducks flying, but it was dead still and we had no wind whatsoever. We finally rigged up a little jerk cord and started moving the decoys around a little and got some birds in. It was pretty darn good then. I’ll tell you what’s exciting, too. Some hunters in the woods are seeing a lot of mallards. A group that I hunt with sometimes got a great bunch of mallards in the woods this morning. They had to hunt later on up in the morning, but they did great. After Christmas when I don’t have to be at the store so early, I’m going to be right in there with them.

Be careful out there and keep looking forward to getting in your days in the blind.

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