Day 24: Better. . . and worse

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Some folks had a great day today and it was better than it has been being. In some places, though, they said it was worse than it has been. That’s duck hunting. We have a lot of water and a limited, although growing, number of ducks. We had two guys go out to our blind this morning and they had a flat. They didn’t get to the blind until 8:15, but by 9:15 they had a dozen ducks. There are some early fliers, but with that full moon, there are some late bunches, too.

I talked to a friend up in south Arkansas and they hammered them yesterday. Seven hunters got 42 ducks. Today it was slower for them with 16 ducks, but they had 10 specks, so that’s still a good day, especially by this year’s standards.

I think I’ve figured out where the ducks are. I’ve been talking to some folks up north and  North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa are slammed full of ducks, mainly mallards. The fields are full of food up there and they have a lot of water and it hasn’t frozen yet, so the ducks are sitting fat and happy. They close this week, too, so that won’t help. But there should be a good freeze up there next week so here’s hoping they’ll head on our way.  That explains a lot, doesn’t it.

Stay after them and be safe out there. Two shopping days until Christmas. Make sure you get your shopping done or you might find yourself sleeping in the old duck blind…