Day 24: Definitely more ducks

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We definitely have more ducks flying than we have in a while and that is encouraging. We had two blinds this morning and one with three hunters killed 18. The other blind with two hunters killed eight, but their ducks quit on them about 7:30.

IMG_0690We talked to several people who did better today. Some hunters up in Jones limited out for the first time in several weeks of hunting.Those are all good signs.

I think these are still the same ducks and we need some new ducks badly. Hopefully this colder weather coming this week will bring some down. I think this week can be a pretty good one for us.

One thing that is still hurting us is this full moon. It’s so bright and up all night. They are doing their feeding at night and we are seeing a lot of ducks at daylight, then not as many. The full moon will be gone in a few days, too, and that will help.