Day 24: Did Santa scare away the ducks?

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Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 3.05.59 PMSaturday the hunting just wasn’t very good. It was the day after Christmas, and there were no ducks stirring around the house…or the field. We had been killing a lot of ducks before Christmas and most other folks were at least seeing birds. But something happened. I’m not sure what. We just aren’t seeing any ducks and shooting very few.

We had a technical glitch with the duck report for a couple of days last week, so we’re catching you up.

Before Christmas, we had some good hunts. A couple of blinds killed limits of 24 ducks and there were also some good goose shoots. The ducks in the woods were good for some folks, too. We had some good windy days  and some good weather. It’s strange, but the cold weather didn’t bring as many ducks as we thought it would. The storm that came through certainly had an effect on them.