Day 24: Good weather for a duck

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Saturday wasn’t the best day of the season for sure, but there were some ducks killed early in the fields and on up in them morning in the  woods. Most of the ducks in the fields are still teal, but there are a few big ducks mixed in. A lot of hunters are going into the woods for some good mallard and gadwall shooting.

Saturday wasn’t as good for most as it has been, but the weather moving in was part of it. Sunday morning is going to be a challenge and the rain and cloudy weather are going to make it tough. It’s good weather for a duck, but not necessarily for a duck hunter. See the bottom of this post for a quick look at the weather forecast through  the week.

Stay tuned every day and we’ll bring you the latest in duck hunting reports. If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, you’ve got three more days. If you need help deciding on the perfect gift, just come by the store and we’ll help you pick out just what your hunter or outdoorsman needs.

Be safe out there.

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