Day 24: Slowed down a bit

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Well, the action slowed down a bit Saturday from what we could tell. There are still some ducks in the area, but not as many as the past few days — or at least they weren’t moving. It wasn’t good around Mer Rouge for sure. I did have some buddies up around McGehee, AR, who slammed them. Six of them had 36 ducks and 17 specks (you can take 3 specks per hunter in Arkansas).

The folks down around Hwy. 15 are still killing some ducks, but not as good as yesterday. It’s not bad, but kind of mediocre for most. I did talk to a friend in Missouri today. They have a bunch of ducks up there, but it is about to drop to 15 degrees tonight up there and down to zero in northern Missouri. That should send a bunch of ducks our way.

Most of the ducks around here seem to be gadwall and teal.  Still seeing a few mallards on duck hunter’s straps. We need some more water for sure. But the signs are looking good for a successful second split.