Day 25: Stubborn ducks

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At 8 a.m. Sunday, we had three specks. That was it. Zero ducks. We were seeing lots of ducks flying, but they wouldn’t even look down. They were stubborn to say the least.

SunriseshotBefore 9 a.m., a few had changed their mind and we had 11 mallards. The sun was up and the wind was blowing and that helped a lot. But there were still lots of ducks that wouldn’t pay any attention to the decoys or calls. Hunter and I left for the store and the rest of the group got 23 before the morning was over, but it was slow. We were up in Arkansas near the Overflow swamp and a lot of ducks were heading out of there for sure.

It was pretty much the same story I heard from all around. Lots of ducks flying, but they were spooky and didn’t start working until later in the morning.

Three shopping days left until Christmas: Make sure you have that duck hunter in the family taken care of!  Be safe out there.