Day 24: Tough day again

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Hopefully the hunting will pick up a little bit this week. Folks have been busy getting ready for Christmas and hunting pressure has been down, so the ducks that are here don’t seem to be moving as much. It’s hit and miss in most places. My son-in-law and four folks went and killed four ducks. they saw a lot of ducks flying, which is an improvement. But they were real spooky.

Even those who are staying later are having some problems killing a limit of ducks. Some of the best spots around are coming up nearly empty handed.

There are still some good reports coming out of south Arkansas, though, and with cooler temps those ducks may be coming down this way. In fact, I’m headed up that way in the morning. We will keep you posted. We are hitting that little mid-season lull. Ducks have figured out where we are. Hopefully it will get better.

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