Day 25: Christmas ducks (and geese)

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screen-shot-2016-12-25-at-3-13-55-pmBoss got a good Christmas workout!

Christmas morning in the duck blind is a Simmons’ family tradition. This time of year we don’t get many days off and there’s no better way to start this special holiday for us than enjoying our blessings by watching the sun come up over the decoys and waking up with the world of nature. And shooting ducks and geese!

I got to spend this Christmas morning with Lindsey and her husband, Mike, and our Lab Boss. And we also got a limit of ducks before 8 a.m. We saw mostly teal early and got 13 teal, a gadwall and finished off the hunt with four gad big pintails that came in as part of a big bunch. The wind was blowing out of the south and the ducks worked just like new ducks.

The specks were also working and we got a limit of them as well. I’d say that’s a Merry Christmas! Now we have to work on a Happy New Year! This south wind is doing just what we hoped. It’s bringing back lots of ducks that had gone south. It’s bringing the teal first and normally the big ducks will follow in good numbers.

There weren’t  many hunters on Christmas Day, but there are lots of ducks this year. Enjoy your time off and celebrate with friends and family. Be safe out there. Good shooting and God Bless you and yours. And if Santa brought you some extra spending money, come see us at the store and get that piece of outdoor gear that you’ve been wanting!