Day 25: It went the other way

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See all those ducks flying? Nope? Neither did any of our folks. Sunday was a slow day all over the area

They way things were going, I thought it was about to get better. More people were seeing more ducks. Today was a sunny day with some wind. But it was awful. It went the other way. A few folks are killing some up in south Arkansas, but Sunday wasn’t nearly as good there. Down here it was just plain slow. We had a lot of guys ring up zeroes.

I’ll be honest. It was discouraging. That full moon has something to do with it. The ducks are feeding at night and getting back to their resting areas before daylight. I went deer hunting for a little bit early this morning, and it was so bright I didn’t even need a light to walk in.

All we can do is keep going. It will get better.

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