Day 25: Not much better

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Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 3.06.27 PMWow, it’s still bad out there for us. Sunday was more of the same — slow.  Many folks are coming home empty handed and some are not even seeing ducks. There is some success in the woods or around CRP land where nobody has been hunting, but that’s about all we are hearing about. Public land hunting has been slow as well as some of the fields. Same for down around Hwy. 15.  Still a few folks are killing them. The far northern part of the parish seems to be producing some ducks and there are ducks being shot 40-60 miles north of us. Hopefully, they’ll come on down here. There have been some good numbers of mallards killed in the woods, but not everywhere, just select spots.  There’s lots of new water for them and keeping up with them is hit or miss.

The weather is supposed to warm up and usually that bothers us, but the cold didn’t help, so maybe the warm will.

The key right now seems to be finding spots to hunt without much pressure. But we’ll keep trying. Be safe out there.