Day 25: Not too spiffy for most today

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Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 9.38.19 PMIt was a slow day for most folks I talked to. A friend of mine and his group had some good shooting and got 28 today. Twenty of them were mallards. They were hunting on some WRP land and saw lots of ducks.

Only one of our bunch went and they killed 17, but they had to stay all morning. We are about to get to the point we really need to get a good push of new ducks to pick things up. We did have a couple of really quiet days with no wind and that is just not good for the ducks. If it isn’t windy, they just don’t stir much and when they do, they are hard to work when it’s still.

Speck season has opened back up and there was some good shooting for geese. That’s about all we’ve got for today.

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