Day 26: No wind, gloomy and hard-to-work ducks

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Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 11.56.34 AMIf we wouldn’t have had folks in town to hunt, we would have probably stayed at the house this morning. We had two groups and we did a little better. Our group killed seven — four mallards, two pintails and one redhead. Our other group had twelve ducks, including a few gadwalls and teal. We saw more ducks, but that dead calm with no wind and gloomy skies is just a no go for working ducks. It may have gotten better later in the morning for those that stayed when the wind picked up, but it would have been a long wait.

It was still fun, but they just wouldn’t work the decoys for sure. Things are going to change weather wise and maybe that will bring some ducks down here. It’s just gotten to where there are so many variables you don’t know what will trigger new ducks or bring back some that have already gone further south. As you’ve probably often heard, that’s why they call it hunting. Speaking of which, there aren’t many people hunting right now because of the conditions and everybody having to go back to work. But it should pick up this weekend.

Stay tuned. And be safe!