Day 27: A better day; huge numbers of pintails

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Tuesday was a pretty good day in the duck blind. A lot better than what we’ve been seeing. Our blind killed 25 and we had another blind on the farm that got 18.

What’s really unusual is the huge number of pintails we are seeing. Of course, you can’t shoot but one per hunter, so that’s tough, but at least it’s fun to see them. They flew pretty much all morning. I bet 85% of the total number of ducks we saw were pintails.

Besides the pintails, we got a mix of mallards, gadwall and some teal. It seems like maybe a little colder weather up north is sending a few more birds this way. And we finally had a good bit of wind this morning and the sun kept trying to pop out. Those are both good news items for duck hunters.

Stay tuned.Be safe!

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