Day 27: Duck ID test

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screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-5-55-06-pmMan, early this morning we were heading to the blind in a light rain, then it rained so hard we couldn’t even see where we were going. Back to the west, it looked like a tornado was coming before daylight. We shouldn’t have been out there, but we had a good day. That is, after we rode past the decoys and blind and found our way back in time to hunt. It was raining that hard. But we didn’t turn around because we were already wet.

Three of us got a limit of 18 ducks and we had seven geese. We were finished by 7:30.

But the highlight of the trip was a hybrid duck we shot. It had wing markings like a teal, the rear end and feet looked like a gadwall, the head was green like a mallard and the bill was shaped like a pintail. You take a look for yourself.

The weather is going to be erratic this week, but nothing that should move our ducks out. It should be a good week.