Day 27: Feast or famine

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image-33We had a pretty good morning today. There wasn’t any wind and we didn’t stay late, but we got 17. Most of them were mallards. We have done a lot worse for sure. We went to a place we haven’t been to in a while and we plan on going back tomorrow.

I heard a lot of good reports this morning with several folks killing limits. I talked to one group that had 34 and some folks up at Wilmot have been hammering them the past several days. On the other hand, some hunters that had been killing ducks down on Hwy. 15 killed one today. Hard to figure. It’s either feast or famine. Hunters in the woods are also reporting mixed results from near limits to near nothing.

There are some new ducks in the area in places, but them some areas that have had ducks are seeing less now. There just aren’t a whole lot of ducks like we are used to by this time of year. Things are lining up to be better. It should be windy in the morning and clear. Combined with the cold, that should be just what we are looking for the next few days. Let’s hope so.

Be safe out there.