Day 27: Pretty sad out there today

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Boss had to go goose hunting this morning.
Boss had to go goose hunting this morning.

Santa Claus must have brought lots of presents down here, but he also must have taken the ducks home with him.

It was pretty sad out there today. We killed two ducks and one goose. That’s pretty tough. It was the same with everybody. In fact, we had an East wind and when that’s blowing we can hear pretty much all the way across the Little Missouri. We didn’t hear a handful of shots this morning.  That’s bad.

Nobody saw many ducks. We still hear there are a good many ducks in southeast Arkansas. And they are starting to get a bunch up in north Arkansas above Stuttgart and the Cache River. They should be coming on down here with this cold weather. But it is supposed to get down in the teens here early next week. That will push the ducks right on past us to south Louisiana. The good news is when it warms back up, they’ll come back this way.

Be safe.