Day 28: Patience needed for double digits

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Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.02.35 PMEverybody who I talked to today that killed 10-15 ducks had to stay until noon to scratch out that many. I didn’t get to go. You have to be really wanting to kill some ducks to sit out there that long in this kind of cold to kill ducks. But there are a lot of folks hunting. It was kind of funny today. A lot of folks got their fanny froze because they were coming in the store to buy warmer clothing for the rest of the week.

We didn’t get any earth shattering reports but a lot of folks killed four or five. There just aren’t a lot of ducks in Morehouse parish right now. There are a lot of geese. The good news is it is about to get really cold up there in Arkansas and everybody is being optimistic that the ducks are coming. There are ducks there.  The good news about that is that is once they come, they will stay. Even if it freezes up here bad for a few days and they go further south, when it warms up, they will come back.

Stay tuned.