Day 28: Wow…not a duck

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This is certainly not much of a duck report. This morning we killed five specklebellies and not a duck. Not a single one. It was crazy. Sunday and Monday there had been thousands of ducks at this place and they are just gone.

Where did they go?
Where did they go?

I talked to some of my friends that killed 34 yesterday and today they just killed specks. No ducks. The ducks just left. Most of the people we talked to, if they killed any, it was two or three. There are some folks down at Hwy. 15 killing ducks and some places are still killing, but most of them up here are just trying to figure out what’s going on.

I think the ducks that were here were just passing through and went on south. Cold weather up north just hasn’t set in and there aren’t any big bunches coming. I did see that in South Missouri the next few days highs are in the 20’s and lows in the teens. Maybe that will put some more ducks down here.

We’ve got to keep believing that we will get them here soon.

Be safe out there.