Day 29: About due for a bad report

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Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 6.03.52 PMWe haven’t had a bad report so far this year until the last couple of days. Christmas Day, we stayed until 10 a.m. and only got four ducks. We didn’t hear much shooting. The reports were as bad or worse today.  No wind and cloudy skies early just kind of shut things down. I think the ducks have boogied out of here for a few days and headed back north. But this rain that’s coming and cooler temps should bring them back our way.

We should also get a push of new ducks. They are reporting some pretty good shooting up there around Stuttgart and north Arkansas. There are still some geese in the area, but not nearly like what we were seeing.

Stay safe out there. Take time to fix up your blind and make sure you are ready for the second half of the season.