Day 29: Maybe tomorrow

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We didn’t do that well today and from most of the people I talked to, it was more of the same. We didn’t get but 8 ducks this morning among the three of us. The only folks that killed a lot of ducks stayed later. The key was the hunting from 10-11 or later.

IMG_3428We saw a lot of ducks and had dozens lock up and head our way, but they would fly the edge of the decoys and leave. To make things worse, we didn’t shoot that well this morning. Friday should be a bit colder and maybe we’ll have a sunny day with a good wind. Maybe tomorrow will be better. We need some colder weather to get some more ducks down here.

I understand that north Arkansas is loaded with ducks. Maybe some of our ducks went back up there. They need to come on back down here.  Keep after them. It has been a good season so far. I can’t complain about the last two days because they are the only two that haven’t been good. Compared to last year, every day is good!

Keep up with the action here on the Duck Report and be safe out there.