Day 3: Ducks flew a little later

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We had to head in a little bit early on Monday’s hunt and it didn’t quite fit the ducks schedules. Our customers will be glad to know that work comes first, especially this time of year! We killed 10 early and then there was a lull. The ducks flew a little later today. Right before 8 a.m., they started to fly again, but we had to leave before the heaviest action of the day.

Everybody we talked to said the ducks flew a bit later. Folks hunting in the flooded woods seemed to do better than the rice fields today. Some friends up in Wilmot hammered them in the woods, but they killed most of them after 9:30 when the wind started blowing and they just fell in the holes. What they killed was mostly mallards and gadwalls.

McGowan Brake also reported some good hunting and two-thirds of those were mallards.

If you are hunting Tuesday, the pattern may be about the same. It will be a little cooler tonight, but if you’ve got time and don’t see the ducks early, hang in there and maybe they’ll fly later.