Day 3: Most everybody killed a few

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screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-8-47-13-amThe third day of the season it seemed like most everybody killed a few ducks. But not many killed a whole lot. I’d guess from what I could find out, duck hunters Monday killed about half as many as on opening day.

There just aren’t a whole lot of ducks in the area. The main reason is that there just isn’t any “sitting water” for the ducks. A duck has to have already figured out that most of the water down here has been pumped up and if they find water, they are going to get shot at when they try to land in it.

The Feds are apparently not putting water in a lot of the refuges yet, either, and until they do that, it is severely limiting the number of ducks in those areas and for the whole region. I heard they weren’t going to do that until on up in December.

There are still a ton of geese in the area, but that isn’t what everybody is most interested in. One good thing about the rest of this week is more and more folks will be getting off for the Thanksgiving holidays, so there will be people out there keeping the ducks that are here on the move. There isn’t a lot of water out there for them to hide out in, especially on public lands. But if there are ducks, I have no doubt area waterfowlers are going to find them!

And one thing that is for sure in duck hunting, things can change overnight.