Day 30: As good as you could ask for

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screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-7-33-59-pmIt doesn’t seem like it, but Friday was Day 30, halfway through the 2016-17 duck season. And our hunt Friday morning was as good as you could ask for. It was just Hunter, Lindsey and me and with no wind plus some less than great hunts the last couple of days, I didn’t expect much.

We had four ducks early, but when the sun popped out good, the next hour was really something. We ended up with 18 ducks and saw a lot of ducks. Twelve of the ducks we took were mallards and eleven were greenheads. The funny thing is groups of four and five were not working well, but every time we saw a single mallard, we’d hit the call once and they would lock right in on the decoys.

It was awfully good.  We heard the same thing from a lot of other folks, too. Some had to stay on up in the morning to limit out, but it was an encouraging sight.

It’s been a good season so far. The weather will be a little iffy the next couple of days, but it may even help us. Stay tuned. And be safe out there.