Day 30: Happy New Year ducks

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Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 1.12.06 PMHappy New Year to you and the ducks!

We’ve got a lot of ducks in the area right now, more than we’ve had in a while. But conditions were poor Friday morning. Real poor. They were hard to work early. We talked to a lot of folks that did okay. Our blind killed 10 and it was a mix of ducks. We did have some big old greenheads. I”m telling you, we’ve never seen so many pintails in the fields. They are just everywhere. The rest of the duck mix is mostly mallards, gadwall, a few teal and then a few of everything else. The woods holes are still good, but it’s hit or miss on where they are headed. There’s still some good goose shooting going on, but they aren’t as thick as they were earlier.

It’s shaping up like a good weekend if these birds hold. We will lose some of the wind, but it will be sunny and that will be a big help. We’ve got a lot of folks in, so we are hoping for some good shooting.

Be safe. Give your gear a mid-season check out and make sure you take a good look at your decoy spread and blind. This weather and storms could have exposed some spots in your cover and you don’t need that with only half the season left.

Be safe!