Day 30: It’s halftime, but no break!

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Thirty of the 60 days of duck season are behind us in the East Zone in Louisiana. Wow, time passes fast when you are having fun. It’s halftime, but we aren’t taking a break. Even if things are a bit tough like today.

We had more ducks today than I’ve seen in several weeks and they would break off in big groups and work the decoys. But then when they got about 100 yards away, they would just drift off. We got tired of messing with them about 8:30 and came on home. We had a little wind and I think if we had some sun, it would have helped a lot.

I pretty much heard the same thing from everywhere, except a few places still aren’t seeing any ducks.  So things could be worse. We aren’t seeing any teal, just big ducks. I think this rainy weather tomorrow may be the ticket to a change in weather. The cold weather next week will help. Seeing a lot of ducks at least was encouraging. We’ll be back after them tomorrow. One thing is for sure, if you don’t go, you sure won’t get any.