Day 30: More hope than ducks

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I had a great chance to kill some ducks this morning, but made a wise decision and didn’t. If you don’t think that makes sense, here’s the rest of the story. We were headed to a blind and the road was so rutted up from all this rain we couldn’t even get the ATV’s down it. So some of the younger guys decided to walk in — about two miles down the levee. They ended up killing 30 ducks, mostly teal.

I went with another hunter and got in another blind about a mile away. We killed two. See, I told you it was a wise decision. I didn’t kill ducks, but I didn’t make a four-mile gumbo mud walk, either. That thing about being older and wiser…it’s true.

That kind of sums up duck hunting right now. One blind is killing them and another one isn’t. It’s looking like the word for this year’s duck season is going to be “spotty”. Hunters all over the place up here headed into hunts Friday morning with some real optimism and a lot of hope. A lot of ducks — more big ducks than we’ve had all year — were seen coming into the area. The weather was looking good, but come Friday morning, it was just spotty from what we heard.

The good news is there are a lot more big ducks flying now. We also heard from a couple of customers who were hunting down near Waterproof. Three hunters went and two got their limits. One of our groups up in McGehee killed a bunch of ducks, including mallards and gadwalls.

In football, the game is usually won or lost in the second half. Today’s hunt marked the middle of the 2018-19 season, so it’s halftime. Here’s hoping to a better second half.