Day 31: A good day

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image-31Today was a much better day for us. We saw the same groups of ducks today, but we had a lot of them that worked real good.  We had 24 ducks although we had to hunt until 10 a.m. to get a limit. I think if the weather wouldn’t have been so gray, we could have limited out earlier. Most were mallards and pintails.

It’s funny this time of year. We saw all those ducks yesterday and couldn’t do anything with them. But today, several groups worked real well and we had a good hunt. I still think it’s the same groups of ducks that are working the entire area. Some days you get them, some days you don’t.

Everybody wasn’t so lucky today. A lot of folks we talked to got three or four, or maybe had to stay on up towards noon to get into double digits. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so they probably won’t be good, but this cold weather coming next week should help.