Day 31: Teal limits!

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Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 7.52.37 PMWe drove up to McGehee, Ark., for a hunt this morning and it was worth it. We had a big bunch of teal and six of us limited out at 8:50 a.m. with 36 birds. We should have limited out earlier, but we didn’t shoot quite as well at the end as we should have. We started out with eight out of one bunch and seven in another. There are a bunch of teal up in that area and they should be heading our way down here shortly. If we would have had to kill a limit of mallards, we’d probably still be there. There should be a bunch of ducks on the way and they’ll probably overfly us, but they’ll be back when it thaws.

The weather is about to take over duck hunting for a few days. It’s going to be frozen up. If you can find some open water, you can find ducks, but that will be a rarity.

This morning most of the reports we got weren’t that good. We were one of the few I know that had a good hunt. There was no wind and it was gray, which is what you do not want for duck hunting. But it ended up being a good day. It sure was good to get back on them.

We’ll try them again in the morning, which may be our last chance for a few days. We’re in the second half of the season, so give it your best shot. Be safe out there in the frigid cold early in the week.