Day 32: Good day to be a duck

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The only living thing I know of that could enjoy a morning out in the rice field like we had Sunday morning would be a duck. It was dreary, cold and raining. Thank goodness we got out of there right before the bottom fell out. And we did kill a few ducks, but it was slow. There’s nothing much worse than sitting in the blind with cold rainwater running down the outside of your Drake raincoat unless it’s sitting there in the cold rain with no ducks!

Actually, I’d call the number of ducks we saw flying “medium” . It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either. We had a few groups work, but for the most part, you would just look up and see a few ducks locked up and heading in. A little light calling and they were in shooting range. Three of us almost got a limit, but it took a while. We did hear some shooting, so there were some other folks having some luck.

The good news is that we got that rain we’ve really been needing. It was over two inches in most places and filled up the fields again. The extra water will help us hold new ducks when they get here. And with the weather up north, we should be getting more. The next few days look promising.

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