Day 32: Good way to start 2017

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screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-7-08-18-pmWe started off 2017 with a morning in the blind and killed 22 ducks. It wasn’t fast, but it was fun. Early it was cloudy and still and we had to stay until 11 a.m. to get to 22, but I’m not complaining. And it was a great start to the New Year.

screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-7-08-08-pmWe had a lot of fun and saw a lot of ducks. The weather conditions made them a little tough to work, but we had a good mix of mallards, gadwalls and teal. We didn’t have any specks where we were today, but with the early fog we could have hammered them if they would have been there.  It’s gonna be warm tomorrow and then cool down later in the week. As I’ve said before, it doesn’t have to be cold for us to have good duck hunting, but days like tomorrow when it going to get into the 70’s sure do feel strange.

A good cold front up north of us might bring us some more new ducks. These are getting pretty used to the decoys and are getting tough to hunt. But like I said, I’m not complaining.

Be safe out there!